10 Reasons to fall in love with Capollini


  1. Capollini Cushions
    All our shoes have special cushioned insoles and full leather lining for comfort - this is the secret to what makes our shoes to wonderfully comfortable.

  2. Premium Luxury Materials
    Whether it is suede or satin, all Capollini shoes are delicately handcrafted from beautiful premium materials that will make you feel luxurious.

  3. Hand-picked Leathers
    The leathers we use are closely inspected for any imperfections visually and to touch for quality. The Shoemakers cut around the imperfections so to not waste leather.

  4. Handcrafted Shoes
    The workshops we trade with are highly trained Shoemakers that handcraft each of our shoes to such a high standard.

  5. High Quality Workshops
    We have a number of workshops we deal with. Our shoes are made in traditional and preferable Shoemaking countries such as Italy, Brazil and Spain.

  6. Designed in England
    Capollini is a British brand created by a Family Company, West Midland Shoe Company, 25 years ago. The Designers are top of the game, their knowledge in shoe construction is impeccable and they stay up to date with fashions and what is coming in trend.

  7. Exclusive
    Don't worry about wearing the same shoes as your friend, mother in law or a stranger! We only have so many shoes of each style made, meaning you are less likely to bumb into someone with the same shoes as you.

  8. Quality
    We make quality shoes:
    - so you can walk with confidence
    - better fitting and less need for plasters
    - give your best impression
    - they last years and are more easily repairable 
    - saves you money in the long run

  9. Style
    The designers research heavily into trends and fashions 18 months before we launch the season. Each shoe has its own characteristics, whether you are looking for classic or perfectly on trend. Not to mention the style advise we can offer through our photoshoots and social media.

  10. Designer Shoes 
    Designer shoes without the price tag!