Once More - An Autumn Poem - by Yours Truly


As summer draws to an end
Once more
Pintrest becomes our best friend
Halloween, Christmas and Fall
The chance at another craft trend
A romantic weekend
We delight our hopes

Mornings that are fresh and crisp
Coffees, indeed Hot Chocolates
setting free cinnamon wisps
Long Evenings
Liberating the wardrobes party dresses

Shop windows a glistening
With shiny new buckles and boots of leather
perfection for the weather
Sparkling glitters and exquisite rose golds
Heels with stiletto, block and spool
Satin sheens and velvets bold
The inner me sings yule

Magazines a plenty
“find your perfect party shoes…”
Be classy, sophisticated AND unique
No need to choose
Predicament a more,
Which party slipper’s my muse?
The slipper of all!

After all,
When is there a more perfect time
The winter night is a splendid scene
Alas, in my little black dress
For my new shoes to glitter and gleam