2020 Trends

2020 is going to hold a lot for fashion, as always, but here are the 5 main trends that will stay ALL YEAR ROUND!

1. Release the Animal
Animal Prints are here to stay, it started with Leopard print and now its growling with Zebra and Snake too! Whats more is, MIX those prints! Yes, i said it. 2020 is mix the animal prints - not confident, just a little contrast. Leopard print ankle boots and a zebra print top. It is such a versatile trend, Beige pleated skirt, Leopard Print top, bomber jacket with a clutch bag and animal print boots.

2. Leather, Leather, Leather!
A MUST have staple item for your wardrobe in 2020. Whether its a shirt, skirt,dress, leggings, jeans or jacket - you can find anything and everything in leather! Socks will be next!

3. Sustainable Fashion
Everyone is becoming more aware of their impact on the world. Organic cotton, Vegan Leathers and Vintage Clothing. How will you do sustainable?

4. Co Comfort
We are in a rebellious stage of with Fashion. After hundreds of years of corsets, lacing and restrictive clothes - Athleisure is top of the trends! But how do you style Athliesure and still look good? 
Soft Tailoring, Co Ords, Batwing Jumpers, Slogan Tops, Yoga Pants and Jeans mixed with Elastic shoes and trianers! Yes you heard right, elastic shoes! I told you we were on the trends.  

5. Retro Revival
This is not just a 60's, or Punk, or old style coming back. This is building your outfit using times gone by as inspiration. Quiet, a mix of all the above! Punky, with Neon and animal print sounds about right!