Christmas Shopping in SNOW much Comfort!

Not only will you most likely not be shopping in the snow, but also did you know that our Earth Spirit shoes and boots are very environmentally friendly?

Earth Spirit offers uncompromising comfort that takes consumers everywhere in style – with a splash of fun (and, some might say “attitude”). We strive to limit our impact on the planet by choosing earth-friendly materials in both our products and packaging. Our products deliver quality and value, and make eco-friendly fashion attainable. Through brightly coloured packaging and our iconic “e” logo, we convey a brand of approachability, a connection to the earth, and above all, comfort with an attitude.

Want to know what we do to achieve this?

Our shoeboxes are made from recycled cardboard, glue free and have no staples! – put them straight in the recycle bin.

The packaging in the shoeboxes is recycled tissue paper and cornstarch mold – no plastic anywhere! It is all biodegradable.

We use as many post-consumer recycled components as we can; from threads to knits to linings to uppers to outsoles.
We use water-based glues, nothing toxic!

We only use leather suppliers that are L.W.G rated.

Our Leather are tanned using a vegetable tanning process. This process uses tannic acids naturally found in plants, which cuts out the harsh chemicals and solvents.

Earth Spirit audit every shoe factory worked with to make clear that working responsibly is highly important; Social and Environmental Responsibility; Restricted Substances and Physical tests.

So you can enjoy your Christmas shopping in the comfort of Earth Spirit, knowing that you haven’t damaged the Earth too! We are Modern Wellness Fashion.