Covid-19 Lockdown Entertainment with The Original Elastic Shoes, Adesso!

The NHS are working hard, and we are helping to keep the spread low by staying at home. What we can't quite believe as Britons is that the Sun has come out for Lockdown! 
But don't you worry, here are some activities you can do with yourself and the kids, or your partner (let your inner child out) in your elastic Adesso Shoes - because everyone knows, they are comfy, energetic and colourful! 
Teach the Kids some Yoga moves, "Pretend to be a tree" or how long can you balance on one leg for! Follow this up with a hoping race for some fun exercise
What about, how many star jumps can you do? I bet Mum wins! You could even add a military style crawl and roll into the mix.
You can't do this inside, but you can have a water balloon fight in the garden with colourful balloons and quick drying ventilated shoes- that can even be thrown in the washing machine after too! Use that military crawl and roll into practice ey! 
Raining Outside?
Build a fort with the kids, use your furniture and blankets to make walls and a roof - or if you have cardboard boxes from online deliveries, you could use those too!
What about an inside beach; get the beach towels out, and the picnic utensils - you could use the bath as a pool.
Fancy a fun dinner, make your own pizzas! Waitrose do a frozen dough that you can have fun rolling out and pretending to be an Italian Pizza maker throwing the dough in the air! you can use this to teach your kids how to wash their hands properly, about food hygiene as well as healthy fun living. Balanced diet, pizza is a good meal to get veggies on as well as a tasty treat with bread and cheese! NOM
Here comes the evening entertainment - Recreate the Jackson 5! Have a karaoke with your family, you can use YouTube or if you have Singstar.
Well after all that, I bet the house is a mess! how are your feet feeling? a quick tidy up before bed - the comfort in our Adesso Elastics will definitely keep you energetic.
 It's all in a days work for Mums and Dads protecting your children and the NHS :)