Footwear that doesn't cost the Earth!

We are going beyond just comfort, we are not just settling for style...
We are Earth Spirit and we are standing up for the planet!
Our aim is to create shoes that you love; stylish, comfortable and are affordable - "Don't Cost the Earth". 
But that is just part of it! We make shoes that "Don't Cost the Earth" -

We are responsible Shoemakers.
We care about our home - our fragile planet - and believe the path to wellness includes making the earth a healthier place for everyone.
We are so proud that we want to share our achievements in this so far with you:
- All our shoe boxes are made from recycled card - and are still 100% Recyclable as there is no glue on them.
- The packaging inside the boxes are a mix of recycled materials, and corn starch moulds (it looks like plastic - but its not! it is 100% biodegradable) 
- Our Leathers are from certified LWG Tanneries.
- Our tanning processes contain no harmful chemicals as they use natural acids from plants, leaves and some fruits to ensure a healthier solution for everyone.
- We have planted over 77,000 trees as "Plant a Tree Partner of Trees for the Future"
It is our promise to continue becoming a more sustainable company with each passing year. We are committed to this!