All I want for Christmas is Shooooooes!

Did you get some new Boots or Shoes for Christmas - wooohhhooo!
Love them that much you aren't sure you want to wear them outside yet because you don't want to ruin them?! 
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Don't fear - Capollini, The Fairy Godmother is here to help you take care of them.

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Leather is a skin, we need to look after it as we look after our own. Have a think about how you look after your skin and what you might not do to your shoes.
Like, the rain! Our skin absorbs the rain and wet, leather does too: 
Some leather shoes are "Waterproof" - This means they have a wax layer over the leather. Have you ever waxed your car, the water stands on the surface. This is what happens when you have "Waterproof" shoes.
Not many shoes are waterproof! 
To protect your beautiful new shoes from water, we need to spray them. There are many products out there, but you definitely need a "Water Resistance". 
Spray your shoes in a ventilated area, the garage, shed or by an open window. Check the directions of us on the can, but most say give your shoes a good coat and leave to dry before you wear them. 
Give them another spray after 2 weeks, and then around every 6 months after that. 
This should protect your Leather shoes from weathering. 
You can pick up a can of "Water Resistance Protection Spray" for around £3. Most Shoe shops sell them and will be able to help you out with which is best for the shoe you have.
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Do you hope your new shoes will last ages - how often do you moisturise? 
Ever thought about creaming up your shoes too? It will keep your shoes looking newer for longer, give a lift in colour and rub away some of those scuff you may have added. 
I buy dubbin, which is a wax, the shoes I wear daily I moisturise once a month. You can do it more often or less, it will effect the life of the shoes.
Dubbin being a wax, also adds another layer of water resistance to your shoes but for a temporary time.
Again Dubbin, or cream can be bought from most shoe shops and are around £4 for a pot.
- Unfortunately you cant use this on Suede or Nubuck Leathers.

If you ever need help or assistance with how to look after your shoes, you can email us with the shoe you have bought - or take it into a shoe shop and see what they recommend.

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