Leather vs Synthetic

Ever been confused shoe shopping?

Vamp styles?
Leather Soles?
All these Symbols? 
What does it mean - here is a crash course to help you decide between Leather and Synthetic Materials.

Leather Synthetic Materials
Made from an animal Not made from an animal
50 years to biodegrade 500 years to biodegrade
Breatheable Not Breathable
Takes some time to break in

Depending on the material it can be easy
or hard to break in

Shape molds to your foot
which can make them look less smart
Depending on the fabric - holds the shape 
style for longer, but could be hard against the foot
"Expensive" - costs more at purchase but lives for years "Cheap" - costs less at purchase but lives for a few months
Can be made Water Resistant Water Resistant
Naturally keeps your feet cool and sweat free Causes feet to get sweaty which causes smelly shoes
Soft against the foot for its whole life Can feel hard against your feet


It all depends on what you are looking to buy.
Something timeless that you can wear for years to come, leather is a good choice.
Matching your shoes to an outfit colour or a bag, synthetic is easier to do this with.
Purely for comfort, odds are they will be leather shoes - but there are shoes with memory foam cushion insoles too.
Wedding day or even a special occasion - Leather insock will be heavenly around your feet and Synthetic uppers have more fabric choices to match up.

There are so many reasons we buy shoes, and plenty of them around for us to buy.

If you ever need some help with finding a pair of shoes - we can offer help and assistance.