New Years, New You!

So apparently New Years Celebrations can be dated to around 4000 years ago, with the ancient Babylonians. Although we aren't sure where we get the tradition of resolutions from. 
I have always made resolutions. As a child I would make 5 and write them in the back of my diary, at the end of the year I would be proud of myself for completing them and create 5 more. I still do this now, the difference is, I don't complete them anymore - I have fallen into adulthood!

But it's okay, right? Around 80% of us give up on them by mid February, if not earlier - according to Strava Data 17th Jan is a good day to give up your resolutions!
The 17th Jan, come on everyone, what are we playing at! We make these resolutions to better ourselves and to give ourselves goals for the year, yet we give up on them within 3 weeks of the new year!

January is a difficult month, we have had the rise and fall of the festive period, we are cold, poor and on a sugar low then we give ourselves big challenges to do (which we did give ourselves the year for but we are so tough on ourselves that if we haven't achieved these goals with in a few weeks, we give up - its easier!). Your brain is thinking about money, trying to keep warm and probably "NO! don't eat that cake!"

When you make your resolutions give yourself monthly targets. If you are looking to save money, maybe in January call it £5 and not £50. Cutting back on foods, or eating healthier? - I'll eat an apple instead of that cake. Drinking more water? - 1 glass of water is more than you were drinking before! 1 a month means 12 glasses of water more a year! 

The Most Common Resolutions

Exercise More

Loose Weight

Eat Healthy

Get Active

Learn a New Skill / Re-Learn an Old Skill


See Friends and Family More often

Drink Less Alcohol 

Quit Smoking

Drink More Water

Save Money

Get More Sleep

Read More

Watch Less TV

Be less attached to my Mobile

Be a Tidier Person

Be More Organised


Sooo, What will you choose as your resolutions? Are you prepared to stick to them this year? 

Come on, we got this! 
Here's to an amazing 2020, a new decade!