Paint Your Wardrobe Happy - 5 Reasons to Buy Adesso?

Let's start from the beginning. It is not a coincidence that Adesso means "Now" in Italian! The Adesso team do everything they possibly can to put together a collection of footwear that enhances your "Now", the state of living each moment to the full!

Here are just 5 features and benefits to Adesso Shoes.

1) Long Lasting Footwear
We make our shoes to last, because we know how it feels to have to get rid of your favourite pair of shoes that are the most comfiest shoes you have ever worn. So we use materials and components that are long lasting! 

Adesso Tara

2) Super Happy Feet
On average, we wear shoes for 10 Hours a day, that's 41.7% of our day in shoes that might not fit correctly or even be comfortable! That is a lot of time to have sore feet - NOT ON OUR WATCH...

Adesso shoes are like walking on marshmallows, that's right soft and squishy! 
All our shoes are made with Memory Foam Insock, that's the bit under the foot - and then we line our shoes with soft fabrics so its like your shoes are giving your feet squishy hugs all the time.



3) Easy Wearing
Our shoes are built on a specific "last" (the technical word for a Shoe Mannequin) that means they are a good fit around the foot.
We also use functional and easy to use components in our shoes, like velcro straps and zips in lace up boots! Just to make life a little easier for you.

 Adesso Lydia Multi


4) Style
Good things come in small packages, and how do you wrap it up? 
With style of course!
Stylish shoes with a touch of colour and fun; all you have to do is add the adventure.

Eadie Multi

5) Moral Code
We can't leave out one of the most important issues of todays life! As a team we work hard to do our bit for the earth and that's why we have a Vegan Range of footwear. This year we upgraded our boxes to be even easier to recycle as well as removing unnecessary packaging from the boxes too! 

All this helps you feel happier and more ethical when buying some new shoes!