Wellbeing Wednesday - How Shoes Can Lift Your Day

One day a lady woke up, she didn't feel up for the day ahead. It didn't matter what her partner said before work, she struggled to feel herself for the day ahead.
Her morning coffee felt a bit flat, she didn't enjoy it as much as usual. She popped to she shop to buy her favorite bar of chocolate - it satisfied her for a minute but with no avail.
She was told she did a good job at work, this made her smile but it wasn't enough to pull her into enjoying the day. She asked if someone knew a good joke but as she listened she realised she wasn't in the mood to laugh.
She thought;
I'll go to the shops at lunch, maybe a bit of retail therapy will help? She went into a few shops, saw some jeans she loved and a dress and a gorgeous jumpsuit - she tried them on but that one didn't fit, this one makes me feel fat, this is to short..... sigh 
If only there was someone to hug untill I get home later, she muttered under her breathe. A near by shop assistant heard her. The Shop Assistant smiled "well don't you know - Your shoes have been hugging you all day, they are warm and cosy wrapped around your feet! - Maybe your feet need a new hug..." the shop assistant showed the lady a new pair of shoes that gleamed... the lady's face illuminated.
She tried the shoes on, and she did, she felt happier and her feet felt comfy and my oh my her feet looked wonderful too! She bought them. As she headed back to the office she caught herself skipping. She couldn't wait to show everyone at work her new shoes, and what the shop assistant had said!
It's okay and normal to not always feel up for the day ahead. It is something that happens more often than not, don't worry just tell someone your not feeling like yourself today. 
There are ways of becoming more in tune with yourself, especially after a stressful period.
- When was the last time you focused on your breathing?
- Have you been for a stroll around the park or just in the fresh air recently?
- Made 10 minutes for yourself and your brain

Feel like you need to talk to someone about how you are feeling? 
Samaritains have a free call with someone there 24/7 365 days of the year. They also have the option to email, if you aren't confident on the phone.