Why buy Earth Spirit!!

Yes Earth Spirit offers casual, on trend stylish shoes and boots at great prices... In my book that’s not really what makes this brand different…

… so what really sets Earth Spirit apart (and the reason why there are millions of avid fans) is in their approach to wellbeing and foot care; you see it’s about keeping your feet as comfortable and as healthy as possible. You feel good on the inside and look great on the outside!

It’s all about how it’s made...

  • All styles feature a breathable and moisture absorbing in-sock. Helping to keep your feet fresh all day long.
  • A fancy TricotTM 3 layer lining further enhances moisture removal for added comfort.

The way it works… The inner layer actively draws moisture from the foot. Then the middle layer locks it away (like a nappy) before then being drawn into the outer layer to be dissipated. Simple but effective!

  • Many Earth Spirit styles feature a reinforced rolling arch support for extra comfort and to enhance the fit.
  • To top it all off Earth Spirit styles have a GelronTM shock absorbing cushion under the heel area for added comfort.

Take a look at the sole of one of our most popular styles Frisco.